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Critical Care


Every second counts when you're managing a critically ill patient so there's no time to guess what wrong with your patient. 

Point of care ultrasound is a rapidly evolving field in critical care, but can you reliably use ultrasound at the bedside?


This two day course will rapidly give you the diagnostic skills that you need for your next critically-ill patient. After completing this course you will learn how to:

  • assess cardiac function and pathology

  • assess diastolic function

  • determine intra-cardiac pressures

  • directing cardiac arrest

  • volume assessment

  • evaluate tamponade

  • undifferentiated shock

  • lung assessment

  • pleural assessment

  • abdominal evaluation

  • vascular assessment

  • basic and advanced vascular access

This course provides small learner to faculty ratios from the leaders in the field of resuscitation and ultrasound.

We are keeping this workshop small so tickets are extremely limited. 


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